Return & Refund Policy

Refund Policy
  1. If there is any damage to the product as a result of a manufacturing defect or deviation from factory specifications, we undertake to fully refund the cost of any defective products.
  2. If the defect in the product was caused by reasons other than materials quality or assembly process, the original product will be returned to you. We do not refund products:
   • Obtained from a source other than Ohiohoo-th
   • Damaged by abuse or negligence
   • Damaged by misuse or activities other than the intended purpose
General Return Conditions
  *You can return your online order within 14 days of receiving your order.
  The product must be returned intact, complete in all their parts and in their original packaging (envelopes and packaging), having been kept and used only for the time strictly necessary to establish and verify their condition, features and size, in accordance with normal diligence, there being no signs of wear or dirt and in compliance with the following conditions: 
In order for a return to be accepted, it must meet the following conditions:
   • The product must be unused and unworn and complete in its original state and packaging (Envelops and packing) with the original tags attached.
   • The customer will pay the expense of shipping arising from the return of product until the confirmation of receipt by Ohiohoo Thailand; liability for transport will be borne solely by the customer.
   • Ohiohoo Thailand shall not be liable in any way for damage, theft or loss that occurs during or as a result of a shipment made for the purposes of returning the products.
   If the returned item does not fulfill the conditions, Ohiohoo will notify the customer that the request has been rejected and no refund will be issued to the customer. The customer shall have two options, 
    Option 1: The product will be shipped back to the customer at a shipping cost to be paid by the customer.
    Option 2: The product will be disposed or recycled.
   *If the customer is unable to reply within 14 days of notice, the item will be disposed.*
   If you do not receive the items you have ordered or items are missing, please contact our support team at 02-248-1740 or email us at

Cancellation Policy
The user, if for any reason he is dissatisfied with his order, may exercise his right of withdrawal without penalty of any kind within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you received the ordered product at www.Ohiohoo-th.comItems to be returned must be delivered within a maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you notified Ohiohoo Singapore that you exercised your right of withdrawal.Products may be returned within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of purchase and requested via email to Indicate the subject of the order number and the product to be returned with the contact information.